Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012

Hey family,

It has been a crazy week. Thanks for the emails from everyone. I really enjoyed all of your emails they were all very uplifting and I enjoyed reading them. Thank you for that. I'm not sure where to start honestly. Good to hear about Alex, Spencer, and Bruce. It sounds like they're doing well. Alex sent me a email a couple of weeks ago but I haven't and don’t think I'll have time to respond to it. Hope he continues to do well. Thanks for your email Colin; I always find your emails funny. You sound well and a lot different for the better. I'm happy for you man. Thanks for the advice on this and that I think I will try to get into the Personal Finance course, it really does sound good. Glad you’re enjoying Uni and where you are.

This last week has been busy with this and that which has been good and has gone by pretty fast for the most part. It’s weird to be writing down the 25th of Sept. on the top of the email.  It seems like that’s a date that has been there for a while but has finally come. Today was transfers and Elder Tilley has been transferred. He's been moved into Brisbane so they can get his teeth done there and we don’t have to travel. I got a new companion here in Nerang and so I'll be dying here at the end of the transfer. It was good to go to transfers today and see several of the Elders that I've served with going home and giving their departing testimonies. It was an interesting day, bitter sweet. Mostly sweet though. My new companion is Elder Lao from California he is Asian and he seem like he'll be a good companion.  It'll be good, I'm excited.

We don’t have General Conference for another couple of weeks but still I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for your prayers and support they have been much appreciated.  Hope you have a great week. Thanks for the emails again. Love you much. Talk to you soon…

Elder Hatch  

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