Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, September 9, 2012

August 28, 2012

Hey Family, 

Good to hear from you and to see that the journey to Utah has been safe and successful. It seems that you will have made this trip so many times now that it should almost be second nature. That’s a long way to go. Glad to hear the old friends are doing well. It’s been a long time since they were in Texas. It’s impressive you can still keep in touch with them. 

Thanks for the emails BTW. This shorter week has gone by fast which is always a blessing. We've been staying busy with service projects here and there, which has been good. We've even been able to teach a couple of good lesson and work with some people which has been interesting. It’s been nice. The Temple trip on Wednesday was good. Thursday we had to get the car serviced at Toyota. They called us half way through the service and let us know that out front brake pads were down to 2mm. I knew they were bad but not that bad. Glad we got it serviced. It was expensive though.

On Friday we had a special training from the Mission President and the Area Presidency. During the last hour of the training Richard Turley, the assistant church historian gave a little training on the prophet Joseph Smith. He's a smart guy and it was very interesting. Good experience. Saturday was pretty normal, a nonmember Fijian family had us over for dinner which was heaps of fun and it was really good. Sunday was pretty normal but the sound system in the chapel wasn't really working properly. Well the podium wasn't working so the only sound was coming thru the overflow (lobby) speakers. It was a classic church moment.

Someone today us yesterday (Sunday) that there was meant to be a cyclone hit Gold Coast Saturday sometime??? I kind of had a laugh about that one. I'm not sure if cyclones really come down this far but we didn't see anything. Other than that not much is happening. Life moves on. Oh my watch died last week we were in a lesson and it just turned off and didn't come back on. That was sad. I went through withdrawals for a couple of day but now I'm all good. Guess it’s good timing with only two transfers to go but still it would have been cool to have it go until I got back. I might see if I can go find someone to fix it but I think its toast. 

We have nothing much going this week but the week after there's training and interviews the week after and this and then it will almost be transfers again. General Conference is just around the corner. I'm excited. It will be good. Well thank you for everything love you all. Hope you get settled in well Colin and that the drive home is safe and uneventful mum. Well until next week. 

Elder Hatch

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