Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Feb. 7

Hey y'all,

Things are going good. It has been a good week. That’s crazy to hear about all the cold weather (in Fort Worth). I don’t think I remember what cold weather is like anymore. It has been very hot here. I got a wide brimmed hat at a shop last Wednesday so I'm going to take that tracting during the day. I'll know by next week whether I will be transferred up north, staying or going, it will be an interesting time.

The Costa Rican investigator has not gotten baptized. He wasn't as ready as he claimed to be and once we laid down that commitment to a date it became clear that he wasn't ready to make that next step. We're working with him though and we'll do our best. In the last couple of weeks, and since Elder Tui is Polynesian, we've been contacting heaps of Poly's. It has been difficult for me, learning to relate to them but it has been interesting to be immersed in the New Zealand/ islander culture.

Rugby is really big over here and with league, union, state of origin and the rugby world cup coming up I'm thinking that’s all we will be hearing about for a while. We play touch on p-days which is rugby without tackles, so yeah. Look into it is a lot of fun and really big over here. Aussies love their beer and rugby.

We have stake conference this weekend so it should be good and I’m looking forward to it. I know I have more to say but I have to get going. Love you y’all. I'm doing great. Don’t worry about me over here. ttyl

Elder Hatch

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