Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From February 1 email

Hey everyone,

Congrats Colin you're the Man! Sounds like you're just dominating at swim … lol

I talked with my zone leader and he hinted that I will probably be moved out of Forest Lake next transfer, which is during the week of the 13th of February. That'll be sad but we'll see how things go. I might be going up North but I'll find out later next week. The Temple trip was good.

It has been hot here, especially this last week! We're pretty much done with flood clean-up service. There is not a whole lot more physical labor that needs to be done so we're just doing our best to find other ways to serve the community and the ward members. The work in the ward is going fine. Our ward mission leader has gone less active but that’s fine, we're just trying to get his family to guilt him into doing his calling, lol. The ward has been helpful and supportive in the work and we've had meals every day of the week for the last month. It has been good. I actually got to baptize an 8 year-old member which was good and was a great experience. Other than that Elder Tui is the man and things are going great.

That is so cool to hear that President (Jon) Beesley is getting called as a Mission President and in Siberia too. Wow that will be so cool. I wonder if he'll be learning Russian? He'll be a great mission president.

Love you and ttyl.

Elder Hatch

note: The Bureau of Meteorology said category five (Cyclone - Australian Hurricane) Yasi began crossing the coast a few minutes before midnight near Mission Beach.

The town is about 50km south of Innisfail and about halfway between Cairns and Townsville.

... just for an idea of how large this storm system is (storm imposed over US map):

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