Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, February 20, 2011

week Feb. 21


Well I've been here (Mt. Isa) for a week now. It is crazy I can't, but at the same time I can, believe I've been here for that long. It has been a busy week. My companion is very obedient, which is good, and we get a lot done. We're on bikes all day long which make for good exercise and a fair amount of sweating but it is a good experience. The branch is very small but they really support us well and do what they can to help. Wednesday was a fun day this week. Every night a local bakery donates its leftover bread to a different charity and Wednesday is the day we get to come in and take what is left. We then go around, in a members car, and give the bread out to our investigators, less-active members, and some active members. It is really nice and it seems to build some good trust with the members and investigators. The really lucky thing is we get to take some bread home too. You know how much I love fresh bread, lol. We've been running every morning and so it has been good but its freezing in the flat so it is a struggle to stay awake after the run and all, lol.

P-day will be interesting to see just what we can find to entertain ourselves (there is obviously not much to do in Mt. Isa). In the past they've gone to the church and watched seminary videos and other church movie. I still remember how awful the seminary movies were but maybe I can get beyond that detail and learn something from them.

COLIN: send me an EMAIL!
I’ts been like 2 months lol.

All the cars they drive over here are like the truck (Yikes).

Just small vehicles and very, very, few big trucks and stuff like back home. The "truck" that most people drive is called a Ute it is like a banana car and most have a closed bed sort of thing. They're just awful cars though...well they look awful.

Take it easy.

Elder Hatch

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