Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Package

We received a package from Kiefer. He mailed it from the Inala post (Brisbane) on Feb 11th and it arrived in Benbrook Texas on the 23rd.

The Monday after he mailed the package he wrote, "Hopefully you'll get my package. I sent it on Friday by just standard air. IDK when it will get there though. I won't tell you what's in it but the fuzzy thing is for Dad and the two things made of wood are for Colin and Mom. Don't use the painted one please, it is just for show but the other one its good to throw. Also there is a unique coin purse in the fuzzy gift so, 10 pts to the person who can guess what it is made of. It's not much but hopefully you'll like it. I sent some coins. Assies don't have 1 cent coins but have 5, 10, 20, 50, $1, and $2. Sorry I forgot to sent some Aussie cash...maybe next package. Happy birthdays, Christmas, lol."

The "fuzzy thing" is a Kangaroo fur scripture tote.

The two things made of wood are Boomarangs (one to use, one to look at) ... this is the fancy one...cheerfully displayed by by Colin...

Ten point to me (The Mom) for being highly suspicious as to the origins of the "unique coin purse". My guesses included 1) a tiny baby kangaroo pouch (creepy), 2) a kangaroo ear (creepier and I think their ears are pointed) and 3)another anatomical, pouch-like Kangaroo thang (creepierer). As I feared, guess number three was correct and that which holds the kangaroo jewel also holds, in this case, coins.

YIKES! No seams!

Kiefer quote: "...yes the coin pouch is what it is feared it to be, and it’s awesome! Be glad I didn't get you an exotic double...those are really interesting lol."

Last but not least, he sent an ALDI reusable shopping bag (I love totes), the ALDI receipt and his Christmas card (a cut and paste marvel...a copy of his name tag and some Christmas cutouts, united in lamination).

All and all ... very cool!

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