Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Hey family,

Things are going good. It has been another busy week in the Lockyer Valley. It was good to hear from everyone. It sound like it was a pretty good week for all of you, lol. It was good to hear for you Colin. I’m glad you’re doing well at BYU. I have to say, the various exercise program sound pretty mean. I’m glad you like the swimming pool and it is cool you got to see rugby. It’s an interesting game to watch. They reckon it’s more intense than gridiron (football) over here, but what can I say, Aussies like to talk big. Americans do suck at rugby, I have to say. Also, I have to comment on the chemistry labs. The attention to detail is very annoying and it doesn't take a very big mistake to throw off your numbers and then you fail the lab just like that. It’s a little frustrating. Keep working hard and enjoying your time at BYU.

Hopefully Dad will get to start working in the Temple soon. It sounds like they really don’t need Temple worker that bad. I know over here, in the Brisbane Temple, it can be a struggle just to get Temple patrons not to mention Temple workers. Just curious…if you get a chance ask Sister Walch the names of her family, is she a Clarke or a Donaldson?...just wondering. We finally got an a/c remote for the flat. We couldn't get the actual remote for the unit but we found a universal and it works just as well. All good there! Now we are blesses with cool air which is a great blessing.

There is a new Missionary coming in from Mesa Arizona next week and his name sounds familiar. I’m not sure if this is it but I think it is Elder Bingham, maybe the Relies (relatives) know him?

My week has been busy. We've had a good mix of things to do. Our investigator, Phil, has a baptismal date for this weekend so we've been getting him ready for that and had a couple of lessons with him over the last couple of days. We'll have a couple more this week and a lot of organization and stress to go along with it I'm sure. We got to mow another lawn this week. Well, it was more like a paddock than a lawn. I got to use the good ole American made John Deere ride-on mower so it was a fairly enjoyable time despite the sun. Good times. I love doing service. Next week is transfer time again. My Companion will likely be leaving so no emails until Tuesday afternoon at the best. I’m hoping the baptism goes well.

I was just thinking how you (the Mom) always the Missionaries seem to be able find the strangest people to bring to church. I can tell you the crazies just come out of the wood works when we're around. We just ran into an interesting guy a couple of days ago, tattooed, been in jail, smokes, dodgy friends and living conditions, various mental issues… but he knows there's something special about the Church. It is funny though, the day after we “miraculously” found this guy, the ex-wife/partner who is a member called us up to “talk about” this guy. It is kind of funny actually but interesting at the same time. Everyone is a son or daughter of God and we'll do what we do. It is great to have people to teach and visit.

Deep clean is this weekend. I will thoroughly enjoy myself; vacuuming up spiders and all. I hope you have a great week. Stay out of trouble. Love you heaps. Thanks for the emails. Talk to you next week.

Elder Hatch

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