Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb. 13, 2012

Hey Family,

All is going well here. It has been a busy week in general. We've been working hard and staying busy.

For questions yes, I have my Zune now and yes, it is working great. Thank you for the music. It’s good to have more music to listen to. I really like the clarinet pieces and the Enya is good as well. My companion has a charger so I just use that to charge it up and the other week I got a Bassburger set of speakers for it so I can listen to it whenever I like to. I generally don’t listen to it in the car. I let my Comp put in his tunes when in the car but yeah, mostly I just listen to it after hours in the morning and at night before bed. That is really the only time we really have apart from lunch. It is great though and I’m going to try to put the stuff I already have on it today as well. No, I'm not a Zone Leader anymore which is a blessing and it’s just nice be able to work and not have to worry about everyone else's drama and so forth. We have a really big area so we drive a lot in the car every day. It’s unbelievable really but we easily do 2500 km's (1500+ miles) a month. That is a lot of driving. We made it to the Temple a couple of weeks ago and yes, it was a good experience. The Temple is a great place. It was just a very long journey starting at like 4am in the morning to make it to the 8am session. The session is mostly Missionaries of course. As far as being similar to the Dallas is much different. It is more ornate. The Dallas Temple seems very old compared to this one but I guess that because it is but it is all good. I'm in a Ward (not a Branch) and we have a good amount of people that attend the Temple most weeks. Everyone is just very spread out.

The week was pretty good. Tuesday we had a big Zone Meeting at our Chapel and the Mission has a new chant thing that they're doing to get us all pumped up to go out and find more people. It is interesting but definitely not really appropriate for the Chapel. Tuesday we had to mow our lawns again because they were really getting out of control and we had a flat inspection coming up on Thursday. That had to be done before it rained. We were planning on mowing the lawn in the afternoon when it got cooler but the clouds were really building in the morning so we had to do it in the morning. Honestly we were praying that it wouldn't rain until we got the lawns mowed. As it turning out our prayer was answer. Just as we were finishing mowing the lawn the heavens opened up and it just poured. That was the crazy rainstorm that dumped 52mm (2 inches of rain) in 20 minutes. We had a lesson we had to go to at that time and we got soaked just running a couple of feet in it. It was awesome.

The rest of the week we did a lot of finding and visiting and had a couple lessons with the guy with the Baptismal date. We're hoping all goes well with him. We also did some service this week. We had to mow a lawn. It was overgrown and we only had one mower and we had to bag all the clippings. It was a good deal of work. I forgot to put on sunscreen and just got toasted. It was bad! We (the Missionaries) were really to only ones at the service project fit enough to do physical work so it was a good opportunity to get out and serve. I do love doing service. Other than that not a whole lot planned for the coming week. We have another Zone training this week and who know what else. It should be a good week.

Love you all and miss you. Talk to you next week.

Elder Hatch

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