Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 28, 2012

Hey Family,

It was great to hear from you and for the updates. Tomas (Elder Johanson) sent an email today and it was good to hear from him and know that he's doing pretty well. It has been a long day and I’m just far out tired. Yeah good fun…

Well it was a very crazy week. Our investigator Phillip got baptized! We're really quite happy but it was bitter sweet because my Companion wasn't able to be there for it sadly. Tuesday we had our Zone Meeting which went well and Phillip got interviewed by the District Leader for baptism. He made it through the interview and passed with flying colors which was great. The rest of the week we had to do a lot of coordinating to make sure the program was all set out, that speaker were assigned, and just the little things that have to take place behind the scenes. It is crazy how much stress goes into those sorts of things. Baptisms are great but they're very stressful at times. The service, in the end, went well and we had a good turnout. The next day was Ward Conference so it was good to have the Confirmation to make the Ward feel like they are actually missionary minded. Good times.

It has been raining a fair bit here and we've been trying to keep out of the rain but you get wet and that’s part of being a Missionary. More blessings… The drama's started Friday when the calls went out for Missionaries going up north (transfers). Since we don’t have a functional cell phone, we didn't get the message until 8pm. They basically told us that my Companion had to be on a plane the next afternoon just after our scheduled baptism. We weren't too keen on that one but as it turned out he packed all night and in the morning we drove two hours into Brisbane to drop him off. I got a temporary Companion, drove the two hours back home and prepared for and had the baptism. I have to say that I was so very tired that night. Sunday was stressful as well. I knew my temporary Companion because he had previously caused trouble in my last area and I guess the Mission President had just found out the full existent of the "trouble" so on Monday we had to drive two hours into Brisbane to take him back to the Mission Home. I was assigned two other Missionaries as Companions until transfers today (Tuesday). It has been a long day. We drove back into Brisbane this morning, picked up my new Companion and then drove back out not too long ago. I reckon I've done 600 km's (about 372 miles) over the last couple of days. My new Companion is quite a character, he is from Utah and is a cowboy. The members here will love him I reckon. Its good have him here.

This coming week looks like a heap of finding and a couple of lessons. We're hoping for the best though and will make the most of the time we have. Thanks for the uplifting words and the emails. Love you.

Elder Hatch

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