Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Local News

I found this article in a local newspaper from the area Kiefer is currently serving in. I found it amusing and love the rural Aussie flare.

Snake sends a shiver
Sophie Holley | 7th February 2012

A FIVE and a half foot carpet python slithered into a tight spot last week, drawing in numerous intrigued shoppers.

Michael Edminds received a shock when he was lugging his grocery shopping out to his car in Gatton's IGA carpark on Thursday afternoon and came across the python innocently soaking up the afternoon sun in the hot carpark.

This was innocent enough until a car pulled up next to Mr Edminds and scared the snake under his car.

"I tried to poke the snake out from under the car so I could leave," Mr Edminds said.

But this only scared the snake into sliding up under the bonnet of his car.

Mr Edminds could not believe it when he popped his bonnet and saw the snake entwined around his engine.

"It was stuck in between the brake lines and couldn't move," he said.

"It looked like it just had a feed so it wasn't moving anywhere."

Bystanders stood by watching as one person held the panicked snake's head and another tried to wriggle the reptile free.

After a 25 minute struggle, the agitated snake came free and was put into a bag to be released back into the wild, away from shoppers.

IGA employee Grant McMillan, the man that bravely held the snakes head during the struggle, is familiar with the scaly reptiles.

"I've got a pet jungle python so I'm used to handling snakes," he said.

The snake was released by a volunteer back into the wild.

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