Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week May 30th


Yous really had a crazy week it sounds like with the end of school and then Graduation coming up this week end. That’s great. I can't believe it’s already that time of the year. I remember not too long ago coming home from University and Colin having to go back to school to start his senior year. It’s been an interesting year.

I wish I could be there for Colin's graduation but I know it will go well all the same. Congrats Colin on the hard work and the dedication. It’s definitely a good feeling to have it completed after you walk across the stage. It’s crazy to think b/f the end of the month you'll be at the university holding down the fort. That'll be fun. Enjoy you'll last couple of days of school but of course don't have too much fun… lol. Tell grandma and grandpa hi for me.

The ginger beers here are amazing. They're one of my new favorite drinks here. There is a video store where you can get American lolies and drinks so were going to go over there after this and get some stuff. Its way over priced but still… Elder Munyard hasn't ever had a pop tart so he is going to get some of those and some hot tamales. I'll prolly get a couple of DP's but they cost like $2.80 so they aren't cheap… lol. All is good though. If I could, I’d send you a couple of ginger beers. Maybe one day you'll get to try a couple.

Things have been going good here. My bike keeps falling apart though… lol. This week I was going up a hill shifting gears when my chain lock and then snapped my shimano gear system in half so that’s what I'll be repairing today since the bike shop in town does not have a bike mechanic now. It'll be fun. The senior couple is really getting frustrated b/c they just can't find anyone to teach or even visit. Elder Rhodes has been having a whinge about not having a dermal tool...or basically like a little hand held sander. Which he uses to "cut" or in reality to sand done his toe nails. He tells us about these things and how he can't get one that isn't expensive. All I can think is that is just nasty. TMI! Needless to say he didn't opt for the toe nail clippers but he bought some 40 grain/80 grain sand paper squares. Good times though.

It has been cooler here in the last week in the mornings it’s been down to 4 degrees C (39o F) so a little chilly. It warms up into the Mid-20's (high 60os F) in the afternoon so it very bearable so far. We've given up on the football and so we're back to doing exercise in the flat, fun times.

A little about Mt. Isa, it is very much a working town up here and even for the people that don’t work in the mines, they generally say that they'd rather just be working, because they just get bored out of their minds otherwise. It’s kind of that same way back home I reckon but not as extreme of course.

Other than that not much happening, I have everything I need. Gratz Colin on you graduation from seminary, high school and swim. Keep working hard and make the most of your time. Have fun. Miss yous heaps. Thanks for the emails and the uplifting word. I'll talk to you next week and hopefully get that package sent out as well. Love you, Cheers.

Elder Hatch

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