Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week May 23 - Happy B-day Grandpa Guttery


It’s been a good week for the most part. The bikes have been playing up at various times during the week which has been an irritation but that’s what happens when you ride them literally everyday all day. Last week it was a hole in the green slim and this week it was one of the petals that got gunked up, stopped spinning properly and then stripped out the petal crank. I didn't ever think I'd learn so much about bikes but you got to do what you go to do. Other than that not much is going on besides the usual crazy things that happen here and there. We actually have progressing investigator now which is excited to say the least. We're keeping our fingers crossed. She's good.

We were actually tracting Saturday when one of the people that answered the door told us the world was going to end later that day. We had a good laugh about that and went on our way. Later that night when we went to a member’s house for dinner we told them about it and they found out that indeed some radio host in the States had predicted the world to end at 6pm that day but by that time it had passed and sadly no All good fun. We had several people question us about that, ironically. I'll just say it now far in advance of the actually day and time. I am glad that I won’t be on my mission when the world is "supposed" to end in 2012. That would definitely make things interesting as far as missionary work goes. I'm sure we'll get a lot more of that to come.

Church on Sunday was good. We had like 40 people there which was amazing. Our very small chapel was full and it was just great. We even had like 14 people in priesthood. It’s interesting being in a small little branch like this. I enjoy it a lot. The people here are really amazing to say the least.

Other than that I don’t have much. The weather is still nice; it is in the 20C so it’s very nice. We've been throwing a gridiron ball in the morning and that has been fun. Funny thing when we went to buy it they had all the sport balls on display and when we ask to have to gridiron ball the shop worker gave us the one on display. We bought and now have the only gridiron ball in Mt. Isa. Ha Ha.

As far as sports go, "State of Origin" begins this Wednesday. It’s a big series of rugby games between the state of Queensland (the maroons) and the state of New South Wales (The Blues). If interested you can check it out and see what the craze is. Rugby is "choice" here in this part of the world. It’s basically what Gridiron (football) is in the states. Take a look at that and see if you can figure out how it’s played. It’s interesting and a lot of fun. Good stuff. Needless to say we will not be contacting people in their homes when that is going on. It’s kind of like the thing to watch. lol. It'll be fun and of course Queensland will hopefully win (as always).

Keep working hard Colin. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the school year. Go to graduation. It'll be worth it.



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