Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 23, 2012

Well yeah, this last week has been interesting; pretty normal honestly. The work keeps moving on. Highlights of the week: We had a Zone Conference on Wednesday which was very uplifting and fun. That was a good experience.   The Mission President talked a lot about the great apostasy and they trained us on how to get the Ward's area books up to date and going.  I got to see a couple of old companions and friends which was good. A couple of them will be dying (released) soon so it was good to catch up.

We met a nice lady while tracting this last week that said we could come back and help her in her gardens. I'm looking forward to that this coming week. Hopefully we can share the gospel with her as we work.  Yeah, that’s the plan in the coming week. We have a couple of people to follow up on and a referral to contact so we're hoping for the best.

To answer your questions, I'm not sure if I'll be killing off Elder Sin (current companion) or what. I kind of hope so but we'll see. He only has one more transfer after this one so less than two months. Crazy. Yeah. IDK what will happen in the next couple of weeks. It will be interesting. It hasn't rained a much in the last week which has been good. It makes the work easier. We're still in the 4-way flat. The Thai elder is still here but the one from Idaho has moved on and now we have an Elder from England here. It a pretty good flat and we get along pretty well.

Yeah that’s the haps in the last week or so things are going well. Nothing too crazy... I did get a phone call, Mum, that we as missionaries call the trunky call. I'll just leave it at that and ask you not to get too trunky in the coming week if you get an email or something. Thanks for that.  Have a great week. Love you all of course. Talk to you later… 

Colin you’re the man. That all I have to say. 

Elder Hatch  

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