Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 4, 2012

Hey family, 

The days have been very interesting this week. Monday night we got another missionary added to our companionship.  Neither Elder Sin nor I were very keen on it and he (the new Elder) was a bit of a know it all too, which didn't help, but we adjusted over the next 4 days. Right as we were getting used to it they moved him again. Our flat houses 4 missionaries normally. It has two bedroom and we sleep in the living room, the extra Elder made it quite tight. He moved out Friday so we are back to normal.

It rained literally all week long. It was interesting at times and we were on the bikes for most of the week. We got soaked several times. It was fun all the same. Once again I was glad to have my coat. I got to finally see and meet the new Ward at Church this last Sunday which was good just to see the overall dynamics and the different characters. It seems like an older Ward with fewer young families and youth. There are quite a few people that look like they've been there in the Ward for 100's of years and the recent move-ins look to be from New Zealand. It’s interesting. I'm sure things will only get better. There really aren't too many Oriental Elders in the Mission but during the last 6 months we have been getting heaps more. The goal for the Area Presidency is to have the Pacific Area self-sufficient as far as missionaries go. That is so they don’t have to bring in heaps of American. We have several Chinese Elders, one each from Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, a couple from the Philippines, a group from South Africa, then of course the Islanders and Kiwi's (New Zealand).  It is a crazy mix.   The membership of my new area is made up mostly of middle to upper class Aussies and Kiwi's.  We have been getting fed really well though so that's been great. The other missionaries that flat with us are good too. We get along pretty well. It’s good to have that flat unity.
We didn't have a Temple trip this week but we will next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday so our P-day won’t be until then unfortunately.  Today we're going to go on a big hike to a waterfall in Springbrook National Park. The water should be flowing quite well with all the rain we have had in the last week. It’s going to be fun, I'm excited about it. I'll take some pictures and send those next week. 

It's really exciting to hear that you are starting your Mission papers Colin. As you prepare yourself temporally and spiritually, involve the Lord in all that you do.  This is something that you'll be helping others to do on a regular basis as well as for yourself.  Don't put off doing the basics like prayer, scripture study and attending Church until you get your call.  Start now and it will make the transition between normal life and Mission life easier.  Not to mention, you'll be a more effective Missionary too.  Enough of a soap box for now.  Work hard.  We'll talk before too very long. 

Elder Hatch

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