Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hey family,

Thanks for the emails and the prayers. It sounds like it has been a good week.  I’m glad you got to see my new area (Google Earth) it is definitely different than my previous areas but that’s all good. It is something new. The four-way flat is good. The two other missionaries are good and we really get along well which really helps too. One is from Idaho and the other is from Thailand. We might be getting another missionary today that will tag along with Elder Sin and I. I'm not too keen on that 3 ways just aren't as effective as they could be but at least there will be more of us to teach, testify, and eat at the members. We think we'll have an Aussie coming and he's pretty good from what I hear so we'll see. Our flat is pretty crowded as it is, so one more body will definitely be interesting.

The week as been long; we are just trying to get into the flow of things. We share the car half of the week with the other missionaries so the other part we either walk or ride the bikes depending on where we're going. One day last week it rained all day when we were on our bikes. It made for a fun day. Luckily I had my jacket so I didn't get too wet. It was fun. 

We had Stake Conference last Sunday.  The Gold Coast Stake is very big and they just completed a new Stake Center. It was filled past capacity during the meeting and they had remote TV screens in 3 or 4 other rooms with the video of the Conference and the sound streaming. That was cool.  There were heaps of kids though.  It was just like watching General Conference in the Relief Society room back in the day (when he was young). Good times.  On the Gold Coast, there are a lot of member from New Zealand that move over and live here. We have a good deal of less active member in our little area. It makes it harder in that because many of them are Islanders or Maori, they have names that are hard say. They're good people though. They feed us really well. 

We went over to a dinner last night and the Branch President of Mt. Isa (Kiefer served for 6 months Mt. Isa) was there with his wife and little girl.  It was really good to see them.  I didn't think I'd ever see them again so it was good to talk with them and catch up. The family (that hosted the dinner) was basically a YSA (young single adult) house of nerds, which was amazing. In the main room they had three computers with an online game called League of Legions (LOL) going and they were all playing at the same time. It was awesome! Of course I didn't play or do anything dodgy, but it was really fun to talk about games and movies and shooting stuff.  It has been a long time. That was fun. My companion is good.  He is funny and very upbeat. He talks quite a bit in his broken English which is very comical. Everyone one in the flat gives him a hard time but he plays along well and enjoys it. He's actually shorter than I am by about an inch. The members have been joking how it was good to pair up the two shortest missionaries in the Mission. 

Obviously, we don't really like basketball all that much so today for P-day we're going to go fishing again and see how we go. I'm going to go out and see if I can get a semi cheap rod. We caught a couple of brim last week and Elder Sin brought one of his home and chopped it up and cooked it. It stunk up the flat pretty good and needless to say when the other missionaries turned up they weren't too impressed. We're going to fish today. We're hoping to get one of the members to take up over to the coast a hook us up with the big ocean fishing rod we need to fish off the shores and in the deeper water. Hopefully we will catch some big fish. Next week, I think the Zone is going on a big hike so we should get some good pictures and that should be good fun.

Three more weeks and Colin will be home. That sound like fun. Keep working hard Colin send me an email. Let me know what you've been getting up to.

Other than that, not a lot is going on.   I’m not sure it we have P-day next Monday or Wednesday but whatever happens, happens. We might have a Temple trip next week.

Thank for the emails and updates. Love you heaps.

Elder Hatch

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