Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 8, 2012

Hey Family,

It has been a long week and a long day with travel to and from the Brisbane Temple. It’s been good though and well worth it. It has been a good week past.   We've gotten to do a couple of different service projects which has been great. We helped build a retaining wall around an above ground pool and then, yesterday we helped weed a yard and got to mow our lawns as well. It was good fun. It’s good to have (physical) things to do to mix up the day to day activities.

Saturday we had trade-offs with the District Leader and his Companion. It was an interesting experience, as always. It is weird to leave your area and just spend the day in someone else’s area even if it’s just for the day; different surroundings and styles.  

The days (in the Mission field) just seem to fly by at times and then crawl at other times.  It seems like just yesterday I got off the plane (from the States) in Brisbane. Crazy stuff right?  On Sunday we were able to have another Fireside that we organized.  We had a couple of non-members there and some of their recently convert friends.  It was very busy but it was good in the end. We cooked a little meal and managed to mess up Sloppy Joes, of all things, but it was fun all the same.  Monday we were out tracting and ran into this crazy conspiracy theorist that had to tell us how Jehovah and Satan are playing chess with the lives of people in the world.  It was interesting and made us think a lot.  We've been talking a lot in Companionship study about the (US) Constitution and how in the last days it would come under attack.  My Companion is very very political and Conservative.  The talk and reasoning have been fun but,  needless to say, my Comp does most of the talking and reasoning but that’s how I like it (lol) normally. 

I'm going to do some gift shopping tomorrow after Zone Training and during our lunchtime.  I'll try to get some good Aussie souvenirs to send home.  In the coming week we have the Zone Training and then Friday is weekly planning and a couple of lessons scheduled.  The weekend will be good hopefully, we will get a lot done as well, and then I'll get to talk to you on Monday (for Mother’s Day)!  Our P-day is on Monday so we were thinking that we would just try to Skype around 9am here, which would make it around 6pm or so Sunday evening there.

The Zone had planned to do a big laser strike (laser tag) for next Monday's P-day  but no one has organized it and most of the missionaries are prolly broke already so it’s disappointing.  I'm thinking we'll go on a hike or something. We're not sure yet. My clothes are holding up ok; enough to last another couple of transfers. Everything is pretty good. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Work hard everyone and stay out of trouble.  Talk to you soon.

Elder Hatch


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