Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey Family, The week has been good. We've tried this week to focus more on finding and so any spare time we used to go tracting or finding one way or another. We didn't do heaps but I think just the focus on it helped it to be more successful. We found a family in the course of things and, although they seem to be active in their own faith, a return appointment is a return appointment so we'll do our best all the same. It rained for a good part of the end of the week which made life a little more interesting but somehow we managed to make it through and do alright. One of our investigators text-ed us and even ask where and when church was which is always a good sign. On Sunday we went to follow up with potential investigators that we've been trying to see for the last couple of months. We caught them yesterday at a good time and we're able to have a good lesson with them and they are willing to have us back later next week sometime. This was the lady that gave us each a piece of cake when we tracted in to her months ago. Crazy stuff, I’d say. We've been blessed in the last week. I don’t know if it will go anywhere but we can only hope for the best, right? We got to do a good deal of service in the last week which really helps the week go better. You know how I love to do service. We dug ditches to line a yard with railroad ties. At another place, we moved small but heavy boulders to make a retaining wall around a bloke’s swimming pool. Then we planted a couple of trees for a disabled lady which was good as well. It’s been a fun week. I have to say. To answer your question (about driving), I do all the driving in this area. Only one of us can be the designated drive on the insurance but my Comp drives some so it just depends on the situation. The weather has been nice but it’s getting quite cool in the mornings and then warming up as the day goes along. Last week with the rain and the cold it was miserable. We'll adjust though. I'm still in the winter acclimatization so for the next couple of week we'll just be getting used to it. Today we're going on a hike down in the hills in the southern part of our area along the Laidley River. I'll try to take some pictures. We've been down there once before with a member when we went down there to find some firewood to chop, which was fun. It should be good. It a bright semi-cool day so I'm sure it will be fun just to get out of the flat and away from town. We have a pretty normal week planned with nothing to out of the ordinary. The week after next is our Temple trip on Wednesday the 9th so we won’t have P-day until later in the week, just so you know and don’t get too worried. It was cool to hear Spencer (Elder Key) gets home in only a couple of weeks and that Alex (twin brother Elder Key) isn't far behind. Bruce (Elder Otteson – all three Elders did Scouts with Kiefer…) should only have about 3 months left as well right? (4 months). I'm sure they are great Missionaries in the areas they serve. Hope school is going well Colin. Work hard and punch through the spring term. I'm sure you’re getting burn out if you aren't already. I know by that time I was getting sick of school and needing a little break. You're almost there, hang on. Love you heaps. I will be praying for y'all. Have a good week. Elder Hatch

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