Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Friday, August 5, 2011

Note from the Mom

Sorry for the delay in updating Kiefer's blog. Thanks for your patience and for checking in.

Kiefer is now in Warwick, Queensland, Australia.

We did receive a package from Kiefer this week. It contained a copy of the Koran and a Kipa which he received from a member in Mt. Isa. He also sent us some Vegemite (which we have not been brave enough to taste yet...we are waiting for Colin to be home...) and some Tim Tams. The Tim Tams came with instructions for a common Missionary challenge for the Brisbane Mission.

A Tim Tam is a delicious cookie ("biccie" in Oz slang) made by Arnott's of Australia that is chocolate, or some other, cream between two chocolate wafer layers, all covered with milk or dark chocolate. There are some variations - Tia Maria filling, double coating, and the like.

Kiefer's instructions for a Tim Tam Slam:

This is a typical Missionary challenge.


Mix a cup of Hot Milo(hot chocolate).
Bite off opposing corners of the tim tam.

The Slam:

Without using your hands, use the Time Tam as a straw to drink as much hot chocolate as you can before it (the cookie) starts to melt.

Before the Tim Tam melts out of your mouth, tilt your head back while you still have the Tim Tam in you mouth and enjoy.

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