Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hey family,

Yeah sorry about the mix up last week with the transfers down from up north and the moving in to a new area. P-day temporarily got changing to another day for that week only. It happens every now and when you're down in the city (Brisbane), you have various other events going on. It sounds like everyone is doing well. It really sounds like it has been hot there. 40 day over 100 F wow that is bad! Lol Glad everyone is doing well and you've made it through a semester of Uni already Colin. Time flies when you're having fun. Enjoy it while you're up there. It was great to hear that Nivla and Shorty got their (Mission) call to Argentina. Sarah Vining emailed me as well and she is going on a Mission and just got her call as well. She's going to Everett Washington speaking English. It is exciting times.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks. Warwick is a lot different than Mt. Isa but it is a small town. It is a little farming community and it is very spread out over the country side. Like my last area we cover a good deal of area outside of Warwick but we don't get out there too often. We do have a full time car though so at least we haven't had to face the rolling hill of Warwick and the chilly weather. Although we have a car there is a Senior Missionary couple coming into the Mission and the President has told us that the car going to get taken from us. BOOOO. We're happy to have it for now though. Normally, in the past, missionaries in Warwick have been like we were in Mt Isa in that we really don’t have too much contact with other missionaries but that just fine. I like it better that way. We do get to drive into Brisbane next week for a special training so we're excited about that. Hopefully we'll get to go the Temple but we prolly won’t.

The people are generally nice to us here, which is good. My first couple of days here we even had a couple of people say hi to us in the shops and everything. It was really, really weird. The Branch here is fairly bigger than in Mt. Isa but it is basically made of two generations of two separate extended families. So in other words, you have the grandparents and then their grown children with their families. It is quite weird; everyone is related. Heaps of young primary kids and church is very loud and rowdy. Good people though. The flat is really big and quite cold in the mornings but we'll be moving in the next month or so. Hopefully the next flat will be a little nice and better suited for our missionary efforts.

We've been teaching a couple of people which has been good as well and a nice change of things. My Companions is good. He's from Sydney and has been out for about 18 months now and he's getting a little trunky but that is all good. He is a good teacher and we work well together. It’s good to have a Companion with some extra experience, I need it. He loves Lord of the Rings and has a Lord of the Rings Risk set, so we've been playing that on our down time.

I'm doing good. My shoes are holding up well and I have everything I need. Thanks for the emails and the uplifting words. It is good to hear from you. Thanks for everything. Love you and talk to you next week hopefully.

Elder Hatch

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