Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 22, 2011


Sounds like things are going well back home. It is good when everything is nice and calm. Hope you find a job mom, from what I hear things are pretty tight, like you said, but best of luck to you all the same. Thanks for the email Colin it's good to hear from you and I’m glad to hear that classes are going well. Congrats on those A's. Keep it up and work hard. Enjoy the cooler weather as it comes. It sounds like it is quite hot in Texas.

It has been rather cold and rainy here lately. The house we live in is an old Queenslander or basically a house built on stilts off the ground. The air circulates but it is rather cool but that is all good, we stay warm most of the time. It has been a change from the warmer weather up north but I'm adjusting ok all the same.

Queenslander buildings are primarily of timber construction and can be low or high-set, one to two storeys. They are typically "tripartite" in sectional composition; underfloor (stumps), primary rooms (can be two levels), and roof. All have one or more veranda spaces, a sheltered edge of the building that is typically only part-enclosed and used as another living zone. This consideration for climate is the defining characteristic of the Queenslander type.

The raising of the main living spaces off the ground can be seen as both a stylistic and practical device. The vertical "stumps", initially of timber, allow the building to "float" above the terrain. Queenslanders all have this underfloor area that is used to cool the building through ventilation and also for protection of the main structure from termite attack and other pests. The stumps also help to overcome any variations in the terrain that would normally require earthworks to flatten for construction and allow for the natural flow of water across the terrain in the event of excessive rain and downpours.

Funny thing is that we've had our own car for the last 3 weeks but last Friday the Assistant to the President called us and told us that at this coming Zone Conference we'd be losing the car permanently. :( We'll be on bikes full time for the foreseeable future. It is good though. With the cold weather and the car we haven't really got a lot of exercise and the kgs have started to creep back on. Fun times though, it'll be good to get on the bikes.

We have been teaching a good deal which has been great. We even had two young teens that we've been teaching come to church and we are hopeful for them. They're good. The hardest thing will be finding fellowship for them with the opposing lifestyles of their families. It'll be interesting but we are hoping for the best.

We ran into a 1/2 American Indian yesterday while we were tracting and she had previously done a little looking into what we believed about her ancestors. She not Christian and is very skeptical but she is very nice and interesting to talk to. We gave her a Book of Mormon and set up a time to see her later this week. Hopefully she'll be there and willing to listen to the message. It is interesting the kind of people you run in to. Some are just shocking but it is good to run into nice interesting people.

I got a chance to listen to some of the music and talks Dad sent. Thanks for that and everything is working well now.

The unthinkable happened and we got invited to Seminary this coming Thursday for Scripture Mastery...awe…NO! In the coming week, we'll be cramming to memorize as many D&C verses as we can but it is not look hopefully. We are going to get schooled by the two girls in the class. Guess you can tell Sis. LaFerney I got what was coming. LOL. Tell her hi and that I miss those fun Seminary mornings. Hope she's doing well. The D&C is really good though; deep doctrine there, but yeah interesting all the same. Keep up the good studies/work Colin, dad and you too mom.

Thanks for the messages and uplifting words. Talk to you next week.

Elder Hatch

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