Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Thank you everyone for checking out this blog. I hope you enjoy it. Colin and I have had several requests for Kiefer's mailing address. So I have added the "Where in the World..." tab on the left column of this blog.

Kiefer is currently living in a flat on Hampton Road in Durack, Queensland but it is best to mail letters and (small) packages to the Mission home. Australian Customs opens and inspects all packages and their contents. Any non-commercially packaged food or questionable materials will be removed. I think what he would most appreciate are letters and pictures. Remember to take all letters and packages to the USPS because international mail has different regulations and costs that stateside mail. The best things is to use are the USPS Priority Flat-Rate options. Do not use UPS. The USPS contracts all international mail through FedEx and the Flat-Rate options are the most reasonable cost-wise. I have found that it takes about 10 days for Kiefer to receive a letter and a bit longer (depending on how long it take in Customs) for him to receive a package.

Please remember that he can receive his emails on his Preparation Day (p-day) which is only once a week. Also, he has to pay to get a printed copy of his emails and he has only one hour a week online for reading his emails. Mission rule allow him to email me (THE MOM) weekly but that is all. So don't feel neglected if he doesn't reply to your e-mail. He is not supposed to. I will be posting information from his weekly emails on this blog for everyone to enjoy. I will also forward as many comments from the blog as possible to him weekly but again his computer time is very limited. So please, get out the old fashion pen and paper and drop him a note. He would really appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support for Kiefer as he serves in Queensland Australia. And remember to have a Good Day, Mate!

PS: His area has not had the massive flooding experienced by some areas of Queensland. He is currently living in the southern Brisbane area. The worst flooding has been in Rockhampton which is on the northeastern side of Queensland. He has, however, report that all of Queensland is experiencing an unusually wet Summer.

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