Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, January 23, 2011

from Kiefer's e-mail Jan. 23

The days seem to be going by a little faster than when I first got here but there are definitely some days that just crawl by. lol. The area is great and we have a heap we can do so we can stay busy. One of our investigators actually came to church yesterday and he seems to fit in pretty well. He's had all the lessons before but he just hasn't been baptized. The cool thing is he wants to be baptized so we're glad that we'll be able help him fulfill that goal. He's the Costa Rican guy that stopped us on the street a couple of weeks ago, so yeah. Hopefully we'll have a date set in the next week or two. shoes are holding up good and they seem to be lasting well. IDK if they'll last the whole 2 years but I sure hope so. The Brazilian shoes seem to be the best for tracting and keeping out water so I like those a little more at this point but they're both great. I'm still on a bike but we still haven't been able to replace/ fix the punctured tube. We tried to patch it but then when we went to fill it up my companion over inflated it and the tube just exploded so we've been look for a bike shop that has the right sized tube. Unfortunately we need a specialty shop and we don't have one in our area.

The food here is good and the islanders feed us really well. So much so that I've come to hate having dessert every night. Its just too much by the time you've gone through dinner, lol.

So funny...but sad...experience from this past week... We had an appointment with one of our less-active members, but the lesson turned into a dinner at McDonald's. So, not that bad, except that they got us a triple burger with a massive thing of chips and a cheeseburger to go with it. Wow. So we handled that alright except right after that we had our dinner appointment. As it turned out, we had McDonald's again!!!! This time it was only a double with heaps of chips. It was probably the worst afternoon of my life, lol. We just felt so nasty after that. Words can't describe... You can't decline to eat either. It was just bad. The next night we had a drop-off dinner and as it turned out -- it was McDonald's too. lol. It was as interesting couple of days. I don't think I will be able to eat McDonald's for another week or two. It was fun though. This Wednesday is Australia Day!!! Mark the day... Heap of drunks to be sure.

I'm running out of time. I have to let my companion have some of my time. He doesn't have a library card. TTYL.

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