Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week December 12

Hey Family,

Thanks for the emails as always. It has been an interesting week. I bet it will be exciting to have Colin home for the holidays. It'll be good to talk with you. I can’t believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away. It does really even seem like it’s near at all but I guess that's just how it goes around here. People do put up Christmas lights here but it is more like one in every 10 houses if you know what I mean. Not that many lights.

To give you an overview of the last week, overall we haven't been too busy, but the weather has been making things interesting for us. Our area is massive and the town we live in is actually called Laidley.

We also go to Gatton, Rosewood, Lowood and Esk and another town that starts with a "T" above that. Our area basically consists of several 1 bar or 2 bar towns spread out over the country side. Everything is really spread out.

It has been a bit of a transition. It is more difficult to get places since most of the towns are a good 20 minutes apart. That’s ok though we'll keep working hard and well get things moving in the area. Tuesday was mostly a shock and awe day. Most of the week was the same way. It has been raining a good deal here and fairly heavy. Our flat, ironically, turns in to a swamp when it rains, and for the last week we've had a mote around our house. At night the green tree frogs have choir practice and it is loud!

The people are nice here; very laid back. I reckon I be here a while. It'll be good. We have a car with 2500 k's so that's get us around ok.

We haven't found a member who can Skype from their house but we don’t think it will be a problem. Not sure about the connection speeds either or how the quality will turn out but we'll see. I think it should be alright. Christmas is on Sunday here, we haven't confirmed a time to Skype but we'll try to do it as early as possible for you and all. Church only goes to 10am so should be able to call after that on Christmas here. I have an Aussie companion. He'll want to call (or Skype) on Christmas as well. If the Skype doesn't work for him I call on your Christmas the next day just on the phone I reckon. We're in so in the bush that our cell phone doesn't get reception where we live so we have a land line too. I might call on that. Anyway, just plan on me calling on Christmas Eve.

In answer to some questions we have sent him: We have beef jerky over here and prolly kangaroo jerk as. It is just very expensive. Talking in church seems to be getting a little easier. I've getting a little better at just rambling but it still about the same I reckon. As Zone Leaders we had trainings we had to give but we don’t do much public speaking other than that. I've had to give a talk in just about every ward I’ve been in so I've giving several talks in the last 6 months. Talking to people seems about the same, still hard with the same general result. It’s a little disappointing but I'll keep working on it. Our flat here does have a little AC unit but there have been Missionaries living here for about 10 years so the remote that control the unit has been lost. We can't adjust the temperature...convenient right? So we just leave all the windows open and have two fans on. It stays fairly cool. Aussies don’t really use AC as much as Americans do. It’s just too expensive I think. I'm trying to take pictures but just haven't got to take too many. I'll try to keep the camera at hand more and see what I can do.

Well I'm running out of time. Love you heaps thanks for everything you do for me and for the support. Hope this week will be good. Talk to you next week.

Elder Hatch

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