Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve with Skype

On Christmas Eve (Texas time) we got to talk (and see!) Kiefer via Skype. Australian time is 16 hours ahead of Texas. A member, in the area he is serving in, had good Internet access and a laptop equipped with a camera. He called on his Christmas Day (Sunday). Ross, Colin and I crowded in front of one of our computers for the big event. It was so nice for all of us to participate in the whole communication and not have to pass a phone around. It was an exciting but very quick hour.

Kiefer looks great! He has a bit of an Aussie accent but not too bad. There were several slang terms he had to stop and explain to us. He told us about his new area and the work he is doing. We shared silly news tidbits and held the cats in front of the camera. Neither cat was interested in Skypeing.

It sounds as if Kiefer's second Australian Christmas was good. The Mission Christmas party was on Friday, in Brisbane. He received one of the two packages we sent (minus the contraband deer jerky Ross tried to sneak in). I'm hoping he get the second box by his birthday on the 29th. It also sounds like the members in his new area are feeding him, a lot, and that he has everything he needs. Of course, we drilled him on every aspect of his life but he is so humble and seems really dedicated to being to good Missionary.

As I sit here, in front of the same computer, I keep expecting to see him again. I wish I would have been smart enough to save his screen image but just hearing his voice and seeing his smile was priceless! Now we just have to look forward to Mother's Day when he will be able to call home again.

As Kiefer says, "It's all good!" Thanks to everyone who keeps up with this blog and to those of you who have sent letters and packages to Kiefer. We all appreciate you.

The Mom

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