Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 14, 2011

Hey family,

It has been a crazy week but I’m exciting that it is our P-day again. Glad to hear from y’all today. It sounds like it has been a pretty interesting week by the sounds of things. I hope your guests (Shan and baby Anya) are doing ok. I hope the whole adoption process goes ok and everything works out. Good to hear about the LaFerney’s doing a marathon, wow.

This week was busy; Tuesday we had a trade off with the Nambour Elders during which time we did mostly service so all and all it was a fun day. Wednesday was pretty normal. We visited heaps of people and got a lot done. Thursday we had the AP's drive up from Brisbane for trade-offs and a district meeting but we locked the keys to the flat, and chapel in the boot of the car, so yeah, that made for and interesting morning but it worked out in the end. Friday we had weekly planning and we had to get the car serviced and a new "back up" key cut for the car. All up it cost a whopping $500. That was interesting. Saturday we had another trade-off with Nambour except this time I went to Nambour with was interesting. Nambour is kind of a redneck town, off the beaten path, but we got a good deal done and it was a good day. We've actually taught some lesson this week which was excited so hopefully we will keep that trend going. The AP's want us to have a baptismal date by the end of the week to be an example to the rest of the Zone so we'll be doing that.

Yeah to answer your questions about last week photo, yes, that guy in the photo is my companion, Elder Huysmans from New Zealand. The burger was very big as you can see. It took ages to eat it but the record is 5:50 min. All I can say is that is a pretty crazy record. The combined list of ingredients are... two massive Aussie hamburger patties-they weren't just straight beef--and they had other seasoning in them that made it more of a rich taste that made it hard to eat as well, then two eggs, beet root, cheese, "ham", like you saw, but it really Aussie Bacon or basically Canadian Bacon as we know it, lettuce, tomato and yeah, that is all I can remember off the top of my head. It cost $18 for the thing but I reckon it was worth it for the experience. lol. To eat it, I first attempted to do the classic pick it up and eat it but that ended quickly as it kind of started to fall apart. The meat is so filling and after eating that much food it really is a challenge to keep eating more. The way I had to go at it was basically working on eating the meat until it got to be too much and then taking a break by eating the veggies or the bun, which goes done a little easier and keeps your mouth from going dry. ha ha. It is a little sad but it was all good fun at the end of the day.

I was thinking about Christmas stuff and one thing I would appreciate and need most is some ties. I got a couple new ones in the last year but I'm getting sick of them. I prefer polyester because it holds up better in the humidity but silk is ok too. That and maybe some more music just as long as the lyric are missionary appropriate.

We're going to the Big Pineapple today and hoping that will be fun. We should have a good picture to send you next week. It is definitely getting warmer here. It has been close to the 30's (Celsius) this week but with the sea breeze here it is a lot nicer than you'd think.

Thanks for everything, love you.

Elder Hatch

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