Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 5, 2011


Things are going well. Here the baptisms we have set are still on track for this Saturday so we're hoping for the best. Both of the "kids" as we call them were sick yesterday for church so they didn't make it. That was a little nerve racking but that’s good all the same. They're both only 16 years old but they're quite mature for they're age. They have their families support so were happy about that. The Branch building is actually a remodeled 100 year old Queenslander style house that they recently extended and added a chapel on the back. It is ironically, located next to the Masonic temple which is cool but it doesn't have a (Baptismal) font. When I got here I didn't think we'd have to worry about that, but the way the branch does baptisms is they actually rent out the local community "pool/spa" so yeah. That is where the baptisms are going to take place…lol. Twenty years ago they actually did baptisms in the local river which is pretty crazy. It'll be an experience and at least it won’t be cold since it is indoors. I'll tell you how it goes next week. We really have a lot to do to prepare before the actual baptismal date.

Warwick Meetinghouse

Condamine River

Other than that, it has been basically the same. We were teaching a lesson Tuesday and a big storm came in and just as we were leaving, on the bikes, it just started pouring and hailing, lightning and all. Needless to say, by the time we made it home we were drenched and the power was out over half the city. It was one of those classic missionary experiences. Good times all the same. We're just not biking that much really but we get around well. We've stayed busy with lesson and other things. President Clark is on his second time round as Branch President now and he knows what he's doing for the most part. They're just a lot of "unique" people and so the Branch has named Fast and Testimony meeting Starve and Share. I have to say, it has been interesting.

We honestly have massive primary. The Branch is mostly made up of young families and they each have 3 to 5 kids. It’s a mad house during Sacrament Meeting. We prolly have about 50 to 60 people on average so it small but rowdy.

This week is transfers so Elder Arnold (Senior Companion) could be leaving since the Mission has like 18 new missionaries coming in and not enough trainers to train them all. Just so you know, my P-day might get thrown off but I'm not quite sure all the same.

Thanks for the emails sorry I have to run. Doing emails are rather expensive here. Love you and hope to talk to you next week.

Elder Hatch

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