Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week June 13


It was a pretty good week. We spent a good deal of time getting ready for preparing our investigator, Tia for the baptism and what not. We did the program and cleaned the chapel and font out. It was fun. The baptism went well, we had a great turn out for the baptism and it went great. Needless to say it was rather stressful to say the least but it was great in the end. Funny thing was the baptism was a 1 pm, we ended up getting there a little b/f 11 am and font wasn't finished filling until quarter to 1 pm. Needless to say the hot water only lasted 45 min. Then when it was all filled the water in the font had a green color to it even though the font's tile was lined in blue tile. lol. I took a couple of picture of it. It went forward all the same and we're happy. The support of the members up here is amazing and honestly without their fellowship this baptism wouldn't have happened. They have just taken Tia in and it really is amazing to see. Just can't explain it.

To answer your question a Maori is the name of the race of native New Zealanders that live there before the white man or other islanders started to migrate there. In Mt. Isa we have a good deal of Maori people and even within our branch a good deal of Maori's members. They have mean feeds and are very good to us. It’s great.

The word "Dodgy" is one of those words we say a lot over here, at least as missionaries. A dodgy missionary would be someone who is not very obedient, don’t do as he told or something like that. I guess it could think of as something that’s shady or just not very good. People can be dodgy, a place or an environment can be dodgy- dangerous or not safe or even objects that aren't really in harmony with out believes or call i guess. It’s hard to explain.

There are of course heap of kangaroos out here in the bush but we don’t see them at all since we basically never even leave the outskirts of town. My companion said that when he was driving up here on the bus they literally hit 10 to 15 kangaroos in the greyhound bus. The buses have big bull bars on them or "roo wrestlers" and when the driver see's on near the road he speeds up so that when it jumps across the road it hit the side of the roo wrestlers and bounces off, otherwise the full weight of the roo can really batter up the bus and they can even get caught under the wheels the driver don’t stop for them needless to say. When I go back down they'll prolly send me on the bus and I'll be able to tell you all about it. At least in Brisbane all the roo lived on the golf courses and there would be a pack just lying off the edge of the fairway. It’s really funny to see.

Other than that not much goin. We've heard a lot about the pacific plate moving and so we're waiting for another massive earthquake over here lol. Supposed to be a big one in Indonesia soon but we’ll see. Thanks for the emails, drive safe, love you heaps.

Elder Hatch

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