Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week April 4


It has been a pretty crazy week. The whole being senior companion thing and the only one that knows stuff about the (Mt. Isa) area has been interesting. Planning effective days has been a challenge. It is tough to plan a day that has a mix of finding techniques and, hopefully, lessons without killing yourself knocking doors all day long. I have really had to step up and do many things that I didn't have to before which has been a growing experience to say the least. Luckily this last week’s weather was absolutely beautiful. Cool, overcast and yeah, it’s been great.

Elder Munyard (new Companion) is doing good. He's green to say the least but he is a lot better than I was. He teaches well and is a good worker so what more can I ask. The full time biking has been hard for him and other little things as well. He is adjusting but it'll take time. Mount Isa is an interesting place to serve, to say the least. Elder Munyanrd has only been a member for two years but he knows his stuff pretty well. He loves heavy metal music and video games and so that’s been interesting. He a strange fascination with tattoos, as most New Zealander in and out of the church do, so that’s been a bit dodgy as well. I have to keep myself really focused on being obedient which can be difficult and has been at times over the last week. Both Elder Munyard and I have the potential to both grow a lot over the next couple of weeks.

We probably won’t get to hear General Conference until the last week in April. That is when the tapes will most likely make it here. So I'll be out of the Conference talk loop a little bit during that time. I know the organization and procedures of some of the meetings have changed but I’m not sure what you mean when you talk about the ward leadership. It will be interesting. I'm interested in seeing how that will affect the ward back home and the branch here. We really don’t get the Ensign regularly, only when the mission office sends supplies up, which is rather rarely. It is all just part of being in Mount Isa, lol. It'll get here, eventually…

I’m sorry I haven't gotten many pictures sent. I meant to bring the camera today but I forgot it on the way out. I haven't had to chance to take too many pictures but I do have some, so yeah…

Thanks for your prayer and support and it’s been good to hear from you…hope things continue to go well. Love you heaps.

Elder Hatch

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