Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week April 18


This last week has been an interesting one. It started out pretty normal but by Wednesday night everything was going pretty crazy. That night we got several phone calls, the first was from the senior missionary that takes care of housing telling us we really needed to find a new place to live and we needed to be looking for places to rent. About an hour later Pres. Langeland called us and told us we were getting a senior couple and right after that, the office called to see what supplies we be needing to be sent up with the seniors. This was Wednesday night and they arrived Saturday afternoon. We've had to do a lot in that time to get ready for them. We cleaned up the flat next door to us. No one has been living there for about 4 months. It was stressful. As it turns out the senior couple are from Liberty Utah, Elder and Sister Rhodes. It’s unbelievable but they have been on like 7 missions and as it turns out, they actually know my old New Testament teacher, Andrew Skinner personally.

Anyways we had to take them here and there and to the shops this morning and yeah. It is great to have them and more especially the car but its rather burdensome to have them right next door to us. I feel like we have so much we need to tell them and introduce them to but they're just kind of doing their own thing so whatever. I'm looking forward to conference this weekend and am very excited for it (LOL), yeah, it is the little things like Conference that does it now. Funny as that is. I got the package by the way. Thank you so much for that I really do appreciate it and it means a lot to me. I love the Texas flag and I already hung it in my room right over my bed. The Girl Scout "cookies" or buscits are great and of course I love the card as well it does remind me of home.

I have a little time left so I'll tell you about one interesting guy that in our branch. Just to put it out there I could tell you about several people but one in particular is a bloke... He is probably in his 50's and he's an interesting fellow. He grew up here in Mt Isa and has lived here for most of his life. He didn't grow up as a Christian but had some interesting dreams/vision and then converted to Catholicism. After about 20 years of that he converted to Judaism and for 8 years followed that. Two years ago he started having the LDS missionaries over and now he is coming regularly to our little Branch. He still wears his crosses, and reads his bible, wears has kipa and reads the Jewish law and now is also reading the Book of Mormon and loves it. He believes it and has a testimony but he also believe Christ will personally baptize him. He one of those people who are just unbelievably nice and will give you anything he can give you. Last transfer he gave us each kipa's and a legitimate Siddur book of Jewish prayers. It is awesome. I'll probably be sending those home sometime just for safe keeping. A great guy though and one of those people that you just have to love; a little different but a great bloke all the same.

Well I've been good. I’m looking forward to chatting with you in a couple of weeks. It should be fun. Thanks for the package again and the supportive emails. It does mean a lot to me. Love you.

Elder Hatch

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