Mt. Isa

Mt. Isa

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Email - March 14


I am excited to go to Townsville. Our flight leaves at about 6 pm so we'll be there about 5 but is such a small airport that they don't even start screening people for security before the plane actually arrives. A member of the Area Presidency (Elder Hamula) is doing a mission tour and will be at our Zone Conference. Funny thing is that at the beginning of every meeting we do a short restoration roll play in front of everyone and the two luck missionaries that get to roll play with the general authority are...yes, Elder Parkinson and I. It will be interesting to say the least. We've been practicing it a fair bit over the last couple of day so hopefully it will go alright. No worries though, it'll be good.
Good luck Colin, with your wisdom teeth! It will be funny to see how loopy Colin is over those couple of days. You'll have to get him on camera right after he comes out of the operation. It'll be fun stuff. Let me know how the stuff in Japan is going we don't really hear a whole lot about that here in Mt Isa. We'll probably hear more about what’s going on oversea over the next couple of days with the Mission President. I'll try to take as many pictures as I can and maybe ever get a souvenir or two.

I guess as far as kangaroos go... Yes they do travel in packs. In Brisbane I mostly saw them all over the golf courses just kind of laying on the grass and bouncing around. Up here though they have a different breed of kangaroo and it is a Red back of sorts. It’s a lot bigger. A couple of meters tall I hear then a 100 kg at least. IDK. I haven't gotten to see one yet. You don't want to run them over to say the least.

It has been raining everyday this last week so we've just had to do our best to try to get out in the breaks in the rain or find cover when it got a little heavier. I gave a talk of the Word of Wisdom (in church) yesterday. It went good and I managed to talk 20 minutes and still have material left over. That is always a good thing. Public speaking and teaching are probably the two most difficult things for me to do. It’s fun stuff though…and a good learning experience.

Well, I guess I'm running out of things to talk about again. Hope your week goes well. I'll keep working hard and studying. Love you and I'll TTYL.

Elder Hatch

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